It was in the time of morning glories that Alma Christina Lind and Carl Aaron Swensson became husband and wife.  Their wedding took place the evening of September 15, 1880, at the Swedish Lutheran Church, Moline, Illinois.  All day, Alma’s dear friends decorated the church with flowers and greenery.  In front of the altar, her friends fashioned a wreath of myrtle, arborvitae, and flowers that encircled a picture of two hands joined together with the motto, “What God has joined together let no man put asunder.”

Pastor Henry Oliver Lindeblad officiated at the 8:00 p.m. ceremony. At the bride’s home, a reception was held for more than two hundred guests.  There it was that a poem from the congregation was read to the bride and groom.  In part, the poem reads “May your lives flow quietly, like a calm stream among the flowers, and the lovely flowers tied into a wreath around your tender holy union. May the angels of peace guard your home.”

Soon the young couple would be at home in the parsonage of Bethany Lutheran Church, Lindsborg, Kansas.  There they would live all the rest of their days.  In so doing, they changed the world.

At Zorngarden

In the time of morning glories